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Green Construction

A green building design, also known as a sustainable building, is a kind of structure that is carefully designed, built or renovated in an environmental friendly manner. The main objective of green construction is to use energy and other valuable resources efficiently.

BecomingGreen®, Inc. provides green training certification programs to the building industry professional. We provide training that covers green construction practices, green building design techniques, and also provide sources that will help the consumers to make environmentally friendly choices. This green training program can also help you achieve the Green Advantage® certification in the combination residential or and commercial category.

Green building design may be more expensive, but offers big saving opportunities through lower operating costs over the life of the building. We at BecomingGreen®, Inc. help you make homes and businesses more energy efficient to save money and resources. Integrating green building design into your construction project offers many benefits.

Benefits Of Green Construction

  1. Better quality materials and construction.
  2. Lower maintenance costs.
  3. Healthier environment for the building occupants.
  4. Greater contribution to environmental sustainability.

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