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The environmental challenge is a universal matter of concern that requires participation from every one. As green building design becomes more popular, homeowners are looking for green consultants, contractors, architects, engineers, trade contractors and real estate professionals who are qualified to identify and provide green building design and green interior design. Green training is necessary to look at the daily operational issues of indoor air quality, energy efficiency, water use efficiency, waste, and overall sustainable practices.

BecomingGreen®, Inc., has programs that provide Green training and education to cover major environmental topics through specially designed modules. Our green building design training also includes topics such as building configuration and placement, heat island effect, the building envelope, insulation, roofs, heating and cooling systems, ventilation, materials, pollutants, and construction waste management. With our green training program, everyone can adopt green practices and earn recognized certification.

Green buildings lead to reduced environmental impact, healthy returns on investment for all involved in the process - architects, designers, builders, owners, and manufacturers; and represent substantial cost savings for the end user. Our green certification will let others know of your green training.

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