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National Association of Green Designers™

The National Association of Green Designers™ (NAOGD) is a membership organization formed by Tested Certified Green Designers. Our mission is to support Certified Green Designers in their Consulting venture in this booming green economy.

Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental issues affecting their homes, businesses, and lifestyles, and are more than ever asking designers, architects, and builders to incorporate sustainability into their projects. A Certified Green Designer (CGD) is prepared to adapt his or her design, building, and renovation expertise to green principles and practices; can successfully differentiate between a truly 'green' product and 'green washing' to help his or her clients make the most sustainable material selections; and is best prepared to communicate and collaborate with other building professionals during the building process to offer green resources and implement sustainable building principles.

The NAOGD supports local green initiatives that help and encourage local communities and businesses to go green.

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