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National Association of Green Specialists™

The National Association of Green Specialists™ (NAOGS) is a membership organization formed by Tested Certified Green Specialists. Our mission is to support the Certified Green Specialists in their Consulting venture in this Booming Green Economy.

It is only a matter of time before the US will have a mandated Green Advisor on staff or on hire to help companies meet mandates directed by the government to conserve and save energy and water. This has already been set in place in all governmental buildings.

The new green awareness is contagious. The demand for products, services, and surroundings that are healthy, not only for man but also for the earth, is growing daily. As this demand in our everyday lives increase, so does the demand for Certified Green Specialists to help those in need of deciphering what is the right, and the wrong, way to go green.

The NAOGS supports local green initiatives that help and encourage local communities and businesses to go green.

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